Year Three is an award winning SEO company and marketing agency that is best known for it's no-nonsense honest attitude, competitive pricing and untouchable track record with SEO.


Our team has a lot of experience. These are some of the fantastic brands we’ve had the opportunity to work with.

The Brains

Year Three is the only SEO Company in the digital space backed by a powerhouse of veteran SEO professionals, digital marketing experts and serial entrepreneurs that are fully integrated into every client relationship.

SEO Since Inception

Starting with a rock solid search foundation

Over a decade ago we started out as an SEO Company strictly focused on organic placement. Since that time, we've invested millions into people, technology, strategies and techniques - and have grown to become an internationally renowned marketing agency offering full service engagements and a la carte services.

We’ve turned dying businesses into thriving businesses, increased visibility 500-fold on major search engines and collectively generated millions in new revenues and millions of page one positions on Google for many of our clients.

Company Philosophy

Push the
fly wheel

When it comes to building a great business we believe the Jim Collins “good to great” method of business organization is spot-on the mark, especially when he says that a great business starts with the right people. The right people employ the right tools, which kick-starts the “fly wheel effect.” Push a fly wheel in the right direction with as much force as possible and eventually it will spin on its own, using only the momentum it gathers. However, push a flywheel in the wrong direction and the negative momentum it creates can be unstoppable. We push the marketing flywheel in the right direction with great force, producing positive results for our clients and our organization.